Univision Covers Senior Advocacy in Southern California for Save HUD 202 Campaign!

By Jesus Mata posted 06-29-2017 19:17


Greetings! Our Save HUD 202 advocates in San Bernardino were covered by the Spanish news channel Univision this week, highlighting the efforts of communities all over California and what’s at risk for older adults in the state if these proposed cuts were to take effect. From the community rallies to sending letters, postcards, and making phone calls, the importance of maintaining this Housing for the Elderly program is being broadcast and heard thanks to your involvement! A great thank you to all that have participated in this campaign thus far, watch this video (in Spanish) to see our seniors and administrators from Southern California in action!

Growing Concern for Possible Rent Increase for Older Adults

A recap of the coverage, translated:

Seniors this week took matters into their own hands, some in wheelchairs, and others using walkers, but all with the same goal: to speak out against cuts to HUD Section 202. Ramona Murana details, “These cuts to HUD Section 202 would mean that many people would not be able to continue living in places where we’re comfortable and stable.”

Both in San Bernardino and all over the country, older adults came out in opposition to the federal government’s budget cut proposal that endangers their access to affordable housing.  “If we lose this help, we might be out in the streets,” resident David Villalobos told reporters. In California there are approximately four-hundred thousand low-income older adults that depend on funding from this HUD program to assist them.

Celia Hernandez and her husband live in one of these affordable housing apartments. The assistance they receive is crucial for them when it comes to budgeting for transportation, groceries, medication, and other costs. “We’re using the money we get to meet our most basic needs,” says Mr. Hernandez. This is a delicate situation because if there is not enough funding for this program, it would greatly impact this population’s ability to cover their costs of living. “If these proposed cuts came to be, the rent for these seniors would increase by an amount that would immediately impact them. With the proposed cut of 14%, many of these residents’ rent prices would increase to $1,000 or more,” stated service coordinator Janeth Badilla-Menendez. The impact of this increased burden could potentially leave seniors without a roof over their heads and without protection.

The reporter provides the phone number to reach Congress and speak out to save HUD section 202 funding at the end of the news coverage.